Dental Clinic Expanding

As of June, we have made significant headway in our dental clinic wait list, seeing all signed-up clients and even providing follow-up treatment for everyone that has needed it. All of this is thanks largely in part to the incredible work that our Dental Clinic Coordinator has done scheduling so many clinics.

As a result, we were temporarily worried we would not be able to continue filling appointments at such an accelerated rate, until we realized that it was perfect timing to expand. Our Executive Director decided we could bless the Newberg community at large by extending the offer of free dental care to non-clients of Love INC (i.e. volunteers, church members, etc.) who do not have dental insurance.

So far, at least a dozen members of the Newberg community have had free dental cleaning appointments and that number continues to grow. It is really amazing that we’ve been able to meet this need at such an incredible rate. Our hope is that anyone who is uninsured or underinsured in Newberg would take full advantage of this incredible offer of free, high-quality dental care.

“And no one went in need of anything. Everyone who owned land or houses would sell them and bring the money to the apostles. Then they would give the money to anyone who needed it.” –Acts 4:34-35

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