Servant Update: Kendyl

After graduating from George Fox University (GFU) with a degree in Organizational Communications, Kendyl Shambaugh started working at Nike as a part-time temporary Guest Services Representative. Little did she know this “temporary” job would lead to long-term employment.

Six months later, she was hired full-time as a Senior Guest Services Representative. A year passed, and she moved onto Nike Skateboarding where she supported the Senior Director of Sales and Director of Global Operations. Another year later, she was transitioned into another job supporting the VP of Sales and Senior Director of Merchandising.

She is currently working on an assignment in Talent Acquisition (Recruiting) and is a Project Manager for Talent Acquisition’s Operation and Innovation team.

Kendyl said, “This month will mark my third year at Nike as a full-time employee! It has been a pleasure to have so many opportunities at this company.”

Her time at Love INC helped her realize how much she enjoyed investing in people. “It played to my strengths of project management, event planning, and organizational/administrative work. I was able to utilize work experience and skill sets I gained from Love INC to get my first part-time role at Nike,” she said.

“I learned a lot about what it takes to manage something from start to finish and that one person can make a significant difference,” she added.

God has been molding her and challenging her every day, and she recognizes the growth she has experienced through it all.

“He’s done some amazing things through the people he has put into my life,” she said. “Nike provides its own unique work environment. We call it the Nike bubble because everyone that works for Nike is extremely driven for success and passionate for the brand.

“It can be a discouraging environment for a believer but it makes for some amazing opportunities to share your faith. I’ve grown a lot in the last four plus years since I left school and God has never left my side.”

“Servant Update” is a series about former volunteers and interns from Love INC.

“Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.” –Psalm 29:2

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