Servant Update: Trisha

Trisha Fey Lazo Elizarde-Miller currently works as a skills trainer with Trillium Family Services at a day treatment program. She works with 5th-6th grade kids who have various behavioral health issues. She is also a member of the Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines.

At Love INC, Trisha loved being a part of Relational Ministry. She said, “My experience at Love INC helped me realize that I love mentoring others as well as coordinating resources and events. It was a good mix for me to utilize my strengths of coordination and active listening… The feedback and support I received from my supervisors helped me realize my strengths in active listening and advocacy.”

She hopes to one day work in a higher education setting to utilize her strengths as an organizer and empathizer to advocate for the needs of underrepresented students, specifically Filipino American youth.

She said, “I see God teaching me the importance of our complex identities and how God is manifested through them. For example, I am fighting against colonial mentality and embracing my identity as a Filipina American. When we embrace who we are, we see the beauty and uniqueness of God’s creation.”

“Servant Update” is a series about former student volunteers and interns from Love INC.

“Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together!” –Psalm 34:3

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