Transforming Families

“The Love INC course we just completed was so much more than we expected,” says Jason with his fiancée Katie.

“Our lives have changed, our contact with Love INC has turned our lives around… we now have a future!”

Relational Ministry, available to all Love INC clients, is taught by professionals in the Newberg community.  Each term contains ten-week courses that teach money management, job skills, nutrition, relationship development and much more. Each participant meets with a mentor to walk together through the courses.

Jason and Katie began living together, both with teenage sons and their child they had together. “We were treading water. Low income, high rent and getting farther behind every day.”

“I benefitted so much from

[Relational Ministry]” commented Jason. “I saw and improved deficiencies in my job experience. I became aware of and improved personal habits that were hindering my relationship with other people. My relationship with Katie improved greatly, and frankly we would not plan now to get married had it not been for Love INC and this program.”

“Our mentor saved our relationship,” said Katie. “I learned how to communicate with our three kids in our home. What a difference! And in addition, I learned job acquisition skills that I need as I return to work. We learned money management skills setting us up for the future. We still have a long way to go but we are on the way.”

“I have really enjoyed coming along side this couple” exclaimed their mentor, Mary. “I feel one of my greatest contributions was prayer… I am a real prayer warrior. So I helped them through challenges, then watched the Lord work in their lives.”

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