Transforming Newberg


I love change! I love seeing how God disrupts and leads his people into deeper relationships through change. It seems that in moments of upheaval I feel God’s presence in more intimate ways than when I am coasting and all is stable.

We often say to prospective partners, “when you join with us in the mission to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ, one of the lives that will be transformed is your own.” We see it every day and it is proof that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming and that our God is not willing to leave any of us in sinful stagnation. What’s more is that this incredible power of God to pull us forward as individuals also applies to organizations. Thus, we find our ministry in one of those exciting and transformative seasons of God’s holy, intimate presence pushing us forward.

08-ButterflyAfter twelve years of enjoying the generosity of Newberg Foursquare Church providing our clearinghouse to us rent free, it is time to move. We have secured a wonderful office space on Elliott Street right across the road from our local food bank, F.I.S.H. We are excited to have office space more suitable to our necessary administrative operations as we lean more deeply into God to provide the resources needed to pay rent for the first time. We will most likely move some time in August. This change has prompted great conversations with churches on the south side of town to ensure needs are met in the neighborhood we are leaving. Change is good and forges new partnerships!

This month, I am also transitioning out of my staff role as Executive Director into a volunteer position focused more exclusively on community relations and fund raising. Heath Placek, who has served as the primary client services and program manager for several years, will be the interim Executive Director. The Board of Directors will be developing a long-term organizational structure that will help us to better live in to our mission. I am excited to spend more time in the community, networking with individuals and organizations interested in seeking the Kingdom with us while Heath grows deeper into leading the day to day workings of the ministry.

What is not changing, however, is the need for consistent financial support to sustain this work. We continue to be committed to stretching every dollar to maximum effect. Our 2015 budget of less than $160,000 produced more than a million-dollar impact on the community! And, though we are proud of the numbers, we are most inspired by the stories of lives transformed through the work of this multifaceted ministry.

Julia was able to finally purchase a working washer and dryer through disciplined saving and our Money Match program. She reported a $40 a month decrease in her electric bill because of these household changes.

  • Brandy received new dentures and a new smile.
  • Carly is learning how to budget and is steadily paying off court fees left over from an old incarceration.
  • Kiki and her children moved out of the shelter last year and just this week she shared that she was able to buy a car!
  • Anya secured stable housing and part time employment.
  • Liona has a job for the first time in years and her entire countenance has changed from one of quiet despair to budding confidence and frequent smiles.


God truly is making all things new through the process of never-ending change! Please join us on the journey by financially supporting this holy work.


Jodi Hansen

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