November Update

Dear Love INC Community,

There’s just something about having a great group of people surrounding you both in life’s joys and its challenges…

My name is Jaynani Cababat, and for the last two months, I have had the beautiful privilege of being a part of this Love INC team. In fact, it’s hard to even fathom how much I have seen, heard, taken part in, and learned in just these two little months. It can be daunting going through a season of many changes and transitions. That was true to me both in my personal life after recently graduating from George Fox University, as well as jumping into an overall season of change for Love INC. But one thing that can always make a heavy load feel a whole lot lighter is a community that welcomes you, burdens and all. I am grateful for this community who has welcomed me with open arms.

11-2016-clearinghouseSo What’s New!?

Just last week, Love In the Name of Christ moved down the hall into a more inclusive atmosphere. Yes, you heard that right, we moved again. But! We are still located in the same building, just in our own corner now rather than being spread out. And let me tell you… We are SO excited about this move. It means not only do clients get to walk into a more inclusive space that is solely for Love INC offices, but we also get to work in an environment where simply due to proximity we are able to learn from one another and better encourage each other. We get to truly feel like one body working to mobilize the church in the name of Christ.




What Else is New?

Well, it’s the month of Thanksgiving! I know that may not be new news to you, but for our nation, it seems like a fitting theme for this month. Because after all, it’s easy to be thankful when things are going well, but not so simple when times seem tough.

I once heard this question, “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” Well, some friends and I have decided to take on that challenge this month. Before we go to sleep, whether it’s throughout the day or right before our head hits the pillow, we are going to ask ourselves this question, and then fire away the praises. I’m doing this because I am not immune or numb to the hardships our lives, our nation, and our world is enduring right now either. But God doesn’t ask us to be immune or numb, He asks us to trust in Him, and allow His light to shine through us. How do we do that in tough times? Well, I think being thankful is a great place to start.

So how will you stay grateful in this season? Feel free to comment below!

Serving Together,

Jaynani Cababat

Clearinghouse Coordinator

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  1. Jenene November 2, 2016 at 2:17 am - Reply

    Thank you! Great question, wonderful encouragement. Thank you for all Love, INC does. Many are blessed as you spread Good News and Hope.

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