Restored Hope and Direction

“The Love INC Shelter has been a sanctuary for me… I thank God every day that I have found this place and that my life is being restored. I have endured a lifetime [of] suffering beyond imagination!”

Married at the age of fifteen, for more than thirty years Sally suffered at the hands of three abusive marriages, four children with challenging physical and criminal problems, extended periods of homelessness, living on limited financial resources with a lifetime of “how could this happen to anyone?” stories.

One of Sally’s most life threatening experiences occurred when one of her ex-husbands found Sally and her children, who were in hiding because of his threats, forced them into his car and headed toward a river with bad intentions. Sally was able to overpower her ex-husband and rescued the situation.

In Sally’s words: “[The] Love INC Shelter has been a refuge for me. The staff and resources have rescued and restored my life by giving me second chances, providing food and shelter, providing vocational and life coaching, and encouraging and guiding my spiritual life. My experience at Love INC has restored hope and provided direction to a fulfilling life.”

Sally currently is preparing to move from the women’s shelter to her own home and beginning a productive life. She ministers and encourages the other ladies in the shelter and her dream is to someday speak to young people to guide them away from the type of live she has endured.

“The Love INC staff rescued me and guided me to a new life path in which I propose to serve God and be a blessing to others.”

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