A Bridge to a New Life

Norma never though it would happen to her… “I was a successful data processor, earning a great salary when suddenly it all stopped! I lost my job of 23 years and had nowhere to turn!”

There were many challenges in Norma’s life; her parents were atheists, but honest people and encouraged their children to attend church and live a life with honest principles. Although married several times, Norma never found support in a husband, but was encouraged early in the Christian walk by her step-mother.

In her shock of job loss and nowhere to turn, Norma survived for a period of time as a live-in housekeeper and cook for the elderly and eventually found herself in Newberg, Oregon. She came in contact with a Love INC staff member who invited her to move into the shelter as a place to get her life back to a meaningful existence.

“The Love INC Shelter experience saved my life. I found new life spiritually emotionally and physically… plus I was counseled toward the next stage in my life. Through the direction of the Love INC staff, I became a licensed massage therapist, was employed as a driver for the local bus company, located a home (Love INC paid the down payment) and moved from the Shelter to a new life experience and hope.

Now I can serve others…I am a weekly host at the Love INC Shelter, I’m member of a local church in which I produce the weekly media power points and I helped found the “Celebrate Recovery” program at my church. I am fulfilled… and would not return to data processing even with the financial advantage.

Love INC gave me a bridge to a new satisfying God-directed life!”

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