If It Were Not For God… I Would Not Be Here Today!

“My life has been transformed,” “Lenore” volunteers, as we position ourselves on her new couch to hear her story. “Only God could have made the transformation in my life! Serving the Lord is my purpose in life.”

Lenore had just signed a rental agreement for her first apartment in many years after working through the Newberg Community Shelter (transitional living program) for the past year and three months. She had to walk though several volunteer opportunities, part-time jobs, counseling appointments and repayments to creditors to reach this point.

“Daily life is still a challenge but so much better than before. I enjoy my job at the cabinet factory to which I commute daily on my trusty bike. I have many friends, participate in a local church, I assist my family in their needs and I encourage others to use the resources Love INC and the local churches provide.”

“What is the reason for my recovery…? Two words: Love INC! My life was a wreck, multiple marriages, three years in prison, bad relationships, drinking and drugs. My life was off to a really bad start in every way. I can’t begin to tell you the misery of my life at that time. Several years ago, I looked for help to Love INC to live in their women’s shelter, but I didn’t obey the guidelines and was soon out on the street sleeping in my car.”

In her desperate situation, Lenore turned a second time to Love INC to request to live in the women’s shelter, this time with a different attitude.

“One day at the shelter the Lord spoke to me and I responded to serve the Lord and maximize my stay in the program. And I did just that!”

Lenore advantaged herself of all the assistance the shelter provided; a secure place to live, balanced meals provided by local volunteers, spiritual counseling by volunteer chaplains, training for practical employment skills and the support of the Red Hills congregation that provides the shelter facility. “Love INC prepared me for a new life and job… even providing clothing and a bike! I thank the Lord every day!”

Should you have the opportunity to visit Lenore you would find her in a cozy apartment. Her spacious living space is specifically configured for her single life with tasteful furniture, computer station, spacious kitchen and several rooms; one of which stores her Husky mountain bike.

Lenore now lives a transformed and meaningful life! As one says goodbye, receives a hug and departs Lenore’s apartment, one has a sense that Lenore knows where she is going and will not depart from the path as she lives by faith serving the Lord.

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