Micro-Finance Success!

Money Management saw some great success with the lead of a volunteer Financial Planner. Participants saw new progress each week with financial management.

“I have learned a lot about the importance of giving and have been able to pinpoint where a lot of our money is going” said one participant.

All this knowledge wasn’t the end, though. Each participant was given the opportunity to apply for our micro-finance program where Love INC matched up to $200 worth of funds put toward paying down debt (each term). Four participants have been able to reap the benefits of this program so far.

One woman completed her third term of classes and was rewarded with the maximum $500 money match, which went toward car repair debts. During this time, she also decided to sell her house. Though giving up her home was difficult, she feels that it is a sound financial decision.

Another woman graduated from the program and received help with a dental bill along with paying back a court fee. Yet another class member found long-awaited answers to prayer when she managed to secure a job shortly after starting the class and finally found relief from debilitating joint pain with the help of physical therapy.

Another participant paid down $200 worth of credit card debt, and put a guest speaker’s words into action by talking to her creditors about her interest rates. After speaking with them, she was able to lower the interest rate on all of her debts!

It’s been a rewarding couple of months, ending the year on a truly inspiring note. I think this note is best summarized by one participant’s final comment:

“Remembering to put God first in all things can help daily. He sees your needs and He’s waiting for us to ask for His help. Life goes much smoother when God comes first.”

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

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