New Laundry Service Now a Gap Ministry!

Rock Point Church is happy to announce that they will be supporting a new Gap Ministry, Loads of Hope!

They will provide free laundry service at Newberg Coin Laundry once a month.

How did this ministry begin? 

“This summer, I [Lisa] shared my interest in starting a laundry ministry with my friend, Julie, and she was very enthusiastic. She immediately went to work contacting the laundromat owner and networking with a church who has held laundry nights in the past.”

Lisa and Julie’s passion quickly caught on with the leadership at Rock Point Church. They enthusiastically agreed to sponsor the ministry to make it an official Gap Ministry so recipients can access all of the other resources available in the community through local churches.

“As moms we both do a lot of laundry and we felt it was a simple, realistic way we could help our community.  Being able to meet new people and build relationships by addressing a need that isn’t going to change someone’s life but might offer a little relief to people in a difficult situation has been humbling and is an honor.”

God is working in our community not only to meet needs, but also to build relationships that will lead everyone involved back to him!

“Our hope is that through Loads of Hope we will continue to build and strengthen relationships with our new friends, keep sharing Christ’s love with them through encouragement and prayer and connect them to other resources in the community.”

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