We Asked Mentors What It’s REALLY Like

What is Your Favorite Part of Being a Mentor?

“I love connecting with other people, and I also like the opportunity to provide a listening ear. I am too eager to “problem solve” in my personal relationships, and I feel that being a mentor allows me an opportunity to practice just being there for someone, rather than actively trying to solve problems or find solutions. Basically, growing alongside someone.”  – GM

How Has Being a Mentor Changed You?

“It is good to be there with people for just a few steps of their life journey. I’ve met so many wonderful mentees and mentors along the way. They have so much to share and give and value people so much.

Through the awkwardness and silences… tears and hugs… depression and despair, followed by hope and new direction. Life stories, walking side by side, learning from each other.” – NC

What was Challenging About Being a Mentor?

“Not coming off as being superior” – ME

“Showing up every week – sometimes feeling like I had nothing to offer but then staying ’til
late because we got to talking about so many interesting things.” – LG

“Something I am learning in multiple areas of my life is how to establish good and healthy
boundaries. The classes this last semester were very helpful for me and hopefully my mentee
as well. It is definitely a work in progress!” – SH

What Would You Tell Prospective Mentors to Prepare Them for This Ministry?

“Come if you are ready to be changed. Don’t come if you want to change someone that needs
help. Our job is to be present, non judgmental and encouraging.” – KB

“Be a good listener. Don’t judge your mentee. Just love and accept them for who they are.” – SH

“This is not something difficult to do. Mostly just listen and share or ask a few questions!” – DV

Is it your turn to help change a life?

The next term goes from April 5 – June 7. Contact Karen if you are interested in mentoring or fill out the volunteer application here.

“I love what this ministry is all about. It’s wonderful to have loving, caring people who want to help those in need. And doing so with the love of Jesus.” – ME

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