Meet Our New Director!

The Board of Directors is happy to announce the newest member of our team, Glen Merriman!

We are excited with the vision and experience Glen brings to this ministry! While he is learning everything about Love INC, he wanted to make sure to introduce himself to you as well:


I am grateful to the Lord Jesus and the Board of Directors of Love INC for entrusting me with the privilege to be a co-laborer in the Kingdom work of this ministry. Words cannot express the sense of excitement and anticipation I have for this season of  Love INC ministry in this community and my personal life.

I stand in amazement of the Lord’s gracious and kind care for His Kingdom work and those who labor in it. My fervent prayer is that together we will continue to see the love of Christ advanced in Newberg and the surrounding communities. May God pour out His grace and love as we work together to share Christ’s love in His name!

About my journey:

In the early seventies my wife and I were living in Phoenix, Arizona. We were both working in management positions in the respective companies of our employment. One day the Lord Jesus walked by the shores of our life and said, “Follow me!” Much like the disciples of old, we left our ‘nets’ and embarked on the exciting journey to follow His call!

We packed our belongings, rented a U-Haul truck and with our two children headed to up-state New York to attend Bible College.  Little did we know what Jesus had in store for us! All we knew was that we had a passion to serve the Lord Jesus! It consumed our lives, and that passion has not abated in the nearly forty years that have so quickly passed.  From shore to shore and points in between, we followed His beckoning call.

In those years it was our joy to serve God in some wide spots in the road and in the cities of this great nation. The children are grown now, and a few years ago we knew our journey was changing. That change brought about a release of the full-time ministry.  We down-sized and made plans to do the ‘snow bird’ thing and spend summers with our daughter in Yamhill and winters in Arizona.

A year ago this past April we left Arizona for the great Northwest to spend the summer with our daughter and her family.  In June my wife had a massive stroke and entered the gates of heaven and became a part of the ‘great crowd of witnesses’ that the writer of the book of Hebrews speaks about, cheering us on to run the race and finish well!

In July of this year I knew the period of grieving had passed and the passion and fire was rekindled in my heart and soul and my cry to the Lord was, “Let my life count for the Kingdom!” The Lord so graciously opened the doors to serve in the Kingdom work of Love INC!

May God grace us with His presence as we work together in our community to Love In the Name of Christ!


Glen Merriman

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