You know 3 weeks ago a visually impaired client came into the office to get a bus pass.  This was during the bus pass drought.  I told him we had none.  He expressed his overwhelming emotional need to get the fare as he was needing to catch the bus to go the FISH to garner his much needed food box.  There was no way out of the situation and it was very desperate.  At the same moment I was going to grab my wallet and give him the needed fare another client waiting to talk was overcome by the need to help.  She gave him the change she had totaling the fare and said “I was going to give this to My daughter but want you to have it”. His face lighten and he said “Thank you, thank you so much” and turned and left to catch the bus.

This is Jesus Christ in the finest example of the Golden Rule.  Let it Rule and let it Shine.


Michele O’Malley, volunteer