Sometimes when life seems at its darkest, Christ’s light shines the brightest.

“Alice,” a guest in the Newberg Community Shelter, has an infected wound on her leg and had been suffering from chronic headaches for weeks.  One of the hosts noticed that she needed to see a Medical Professional and donated funds to make that happen.  Alice went to the hospital and was immediately sent to the emergency room.  Her blood pressure was so high it wasn’t a question of if she would have a stroke, it was when.

Thanks to a generous donation from The Give A Little Foundation, Alice was able to receive all the prescription medications she needed.  She will need to be on this medication for the rest of her life, but she is well on her way to stabilizing her blood pressure.

Another host couple noticed that Alice had a great work ethic and offered to hire her to clean their house.  She had never had a real job before, so this was very exciting.  A day later, Super Cuts hired her to hold a sign for their business!

It is not often that guests in the Newberg Community Shelter have an abundance of blessings in a couple weeks’ time.  Join Love INC in celebrating Alice’s renewed vigor for life and pray that the miracles continue!