22 02, 2017

If It Were Not For God… I Would Not Be Here Today!

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“My life has been transformed,” “Lenore” volunteers, as we position ourselves on her new couch to hear her story. “Only God could have made the transformation in my life! Serving the Lord is my purpose in life.” Lenore had just signed a rental agreement for her first apartment in many years after working through the Newberg Community Shelter (transitional living program) for the past year and three months. She had to walk though several volunteer opportunities, part-time jobs, counseling appointments and repayments to creditors to reach this point. “Daily life is still a challenge but so much better than before. I enjoy my job at the cabinet factory to which I commute daily on my trusty bike. I have many friends, participate in a local church, I assist my family in their needs and I encourage others to use the resources Love INC and the local churches provide.” “What is the reason for my recovery…? Two words: Love INC! My life was a wreck, multiple marriages, three years in prison, bad relationships, drinking and drugs. My life was off to a really bad start in every way. I can’t begin to tell you the misery of my life at that time. Several years ago, I looked for help to Love INC to live in their women’s shelter, but I didn’t obey the guidelines and was soon out on the street sleeping in my car.” In her desperate situation, Lenore turned a second time to Love INC to request to live [...]

8 02, 2017

A Bridge to a New Life

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Norma never though it would happen to her... “I was a successful data processor, earning a great salary when suddenly it all stopped! I lost my job of 23 years and had nowhere to turn!” There were many challenges in Norma’s life; her parents were atheists, but honest people and encouraged their children to attend church and live a life with honest principles. Although married several times, Norma never found support in a husband, but was encouraged early in the Christian walk by her step-mother. In her shock of job loss and nowhere to turn, Norma survived for a period of time as a live-in housekeeper and cook for the elderly and eventually found herself in Newberg, Oregon. She came in contact with a Love INC staff member who invited her to move into the shelter as a place to get her life back to a meaningful existence. “The Love INC Shelter experience saved my life. I found new life spiritually emotionally and physically... plus I was counseled toward the next stage in my life. Through the direction of the Love INC staff, I became a licensed massage therapist, was employed as a driver for the local bus company, located a home (Love INC paid the down payment) and moved from the Shelter to a new life experience and hope. Now I can serve others...I am a weekly host at the Love INC Shelter, I’m member of a local church in which I produce the weekly media power points and [...]

25 01, 2017

Restored Hope and Direction

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“The Love INC Shelter has been a sanctuary for me... I thank God every day that I have found this place and that my life is being restored. I have endured a lifetime [of] suffering beyond imagination!” Married at the age of fifteen, for more than thirty years Sally suffered at the hands of three abusive marriages, four children with challenging physical and criminal problems, extended periods of homelessness, living on limited financial resources with a lifetime of “how could this happen to anyone?” stories. One of Sally’s most life threatening experiences occurred when one of her ex-husbands found Sally and her children, who were in hiding because of his threats, forced them into his car and headed toward a river with bad intentions. Sally was able to overpower her ex-husband and rescued the situation. In Sally’s words: “[The] Love INC Shelter has been a refuge for me. The staff and resources have rescued and restored my life by giving me second chances, providing food and shelter, providing vocational and life coaching, and encouraging and guiding my spiritual life. My experience at Love INC has restored hope and provided direction to a fulfilling life.” Sally currently is preparing to move from the women’s shelter to her own home and beginning a productive life. She ministers and encourages the other ladies in the shelter and her dream is to someday speak to young people to guide them away from the type of live she has endured. “The Love INC staff rescued [...]

18 10, 2016

The Power of God to Restore

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Eight years ago a couple in our church took in a tiny infant that belonged to two teenage parents. The baby's daddy worked for the man in our church and the baby's mommy ("Danielle") abandoned him. Every so often, the mommy would come back to town and on occasion she would visit her baby. She never stayed more than a few days. The couple in our church stayed in contact with her over the eight years that she was away. They prayed for her and shared the gospel with her. They took her baby to church. Eight years passed and one day Danielle, now in her 20's, called the couple in our church and said she was at rock bottom and she was willing to do anything to get her life on track. The couple asked my husband and I what to do, and we said to give Love INC a call. The couple brought her to the office for an interview, and immediately action was taken to get her in a stable home at the shelter. The couple brought her to church, and she observed cautiously, even fearfully, at first. She said she has never met so many caring people in her life. After being loved and accepted by strangers and hearing how Jesus loved her and wanted the best for her life, she found herself at the altar in tears, giving her broken life to Jesus to heal and repair. A month later she was water-baptized and attending [...]

10 12, 2015

Wilco Gives Back

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Thank you Wilco Farm Store for your incredible gift to the women we serve in the Love INC shelter program! A conversation at Wilco about the critical needs of the women in the house led Brittinie and her team into action collecting purses and filling them with lots of "girl necessities" including make-up and other fun stuff. Our guests will be so excited to get these great gifts for Christmas this year. So thank you for your willingness to ask what we needed and then find such a fun way to meet that need. Merry Christmas!

16 09, 2015

God Does Provide!

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Moving out of the Newberg Community Shelter is a great accomplishment. “Kiki” had been living in the shelter for the past nine months and finally secured a two-bedroom apartment for her two children and herself. She had just a few personal belongings and a cot for a bed, but was so excited to begin this next chapter of her life. During the “going away” party the other women in the shelter were throwing for Kiki, one of the Clearinghouse volunteers announced that her neighbors had a yard sale over the weekend. They had quite a few items unsold and left over.  She suggested Kiki take a look at the items quickly, as her neighbors were getting ready to deliver the leftovers to Goodwill. Kiki and a couple of staff members immediately drove over the neighbor’s home to find dishes, furniture, bedding, lamps, a coffee maker and baking pans.  The neighbor who had hosted the yard sale said, “We couldn’t understand why these items didn’t sell this weekend. They are really nice and were priced well. Now we know why they didn’t sell; it was because God knew that you would need them.” By the end of the day, Kiki had almost all she needed to set up her apartment.  Over the following week she received even more donations and help from her family, Love INC volunteers and community members. She and the kids are settling into their new home and praising God for all that was so miraculously provided. “Rejoice [...]

1 09, 2015


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Ida has struggled with alcohol for years. She lost stable employment and severely strained her family relationships, especially with her mother. Last summer she left the Newberg Community Shelter due to drinking after being informed that she would need to be sober to stay in the house. A couple of months ago, after being sober for six weeks, Ida asked to move back into the house. She had been attending AA five days a week and was very serious about wanting to take steps toward a new life. Within a few days of being back in the house, she shared with our volunteer, Carol that she had a lump in her breast that needed attention. Carol got her scheduled for a mammogram within 24 hours. After a biopsy it was determined that she had advanced breast cancer. Carol asked Ida if she could contact Ida’s mother just to inform her of the diagnosis. After speaking with Carol, Ida’s mom called Ida to talk. It had been three years since she had spoken to her daughter! Ida reported that they had a wonderful conversation and that it was great to talk to her mom and not have to ask her for anything. “Every time I called her in the past it was because I needed something from her. This time, we just talked, because now I have everything I need.” Shortly after this conversation with her mother, Ida learned that her cancer had spread into her bones and was too advanced [...]

26 08, 2015

Working Together

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This spring one of the Love INC board members won a fully catered BBQ meal for 30 people at a Rotary event. She called the Love INC staff and asked, “How can we use this catered meal for Love INC?” The staff shared that we needed new washers and dryers for use in the Newberg Community Shelter and also for the clearinghouse clients who come for showers and laundry. Two other board members caught the vision for having a women’s luncheon to raise funds for the washers and dryers. The luncheon was held at Newberg Foursquare Church which was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers, yellow checkerboard linens and vintage laundry antiques. The “Laundry” theme was continued with the inspiring verse from Colossians 3:12, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Luncheon guests were treated to a delicious BBQ while listening to shelter guests share their stories of how the Love INC program has helped them on their way to sustainable housing and renewed lives. The luncheon raised over $4,300 which was enough to purchase the needed two high capacity, energy efficient washer/dryer sets. Because Love INC saved money going through Krohn’s Appliance here in Newberg there was enough money to purchase a much needed new stove for the Shelter! While purchasing the appliances from Krohn’s, Brian Love (Krohn’s Owner) asked if he could have one of the old sets to repair and donate to the Newberg High School Great [...]

5 08, 2015

Attaining Savings Goals

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Helping our shelter guests gain financial independence is one of our most important goals. We work collaboratively with our guests to ensure that they are taking the right steps towards financial responsibility so that they are ready to support themselves when they once again begin incurring the basic expenses of life. One of the tools used to achieve this is a monthly spending sheet that is filled out every month, usually accompanied by a custom-tailored savings goal that the guest strives for. Many of the guests take several months to get to a place financially where they can begin saving money. Recently, two shelter guests were able to save $250 and $300 for the month of June and plan to continue this trend in upcoming months! “Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.”- Proverbs 13:11

15 07, 2015


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Last summer we were blessed to have the Home Builder’s Foundation come and assist in the women’s shelter remodel. On June 30th we held a small event to show our appreciation and gratitude for their service. This event was really special for our shelter guests because they were able to thank those who helped them to have a place to stay. This event was also special because one of our guests “Kiki” is a very talented cook and baker. Kiki is the one who catered the event, with some help from other shelter guests. It is a proud moment when you get to see your work come to fruition and Kiki was able to experience that with this celebration as everyone enjoyed her lovely food. “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15:58