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Adopt A Block

There is a need for many things in the Newberg area.  With your help, the clearinghouse has been successful in filling many of the physical needs.  However, no matter how much stuff you give someone, the need for friendship, care, transportation, and above all, the need to be valued, can still be there.  Love INC wants to encourage churches to Adopt a Block and help fill these needs.  Adopt a Block gives opportunities for people in your church to use the gifts God has given them.  For example, if God has given you the gift of singing, you could call someone and sing them happy birthday.  If God has given you the gift of a car and time, you can volunteer to take someone to an appointment, or to get groceries.

The Purpose: to foster relationships with people in the community

Adopt A Block Team Suggestions

BBQ – community BBQ once per month
Sweep the Streets – 1st Saturday of each month
Laundry Ministry – visit and set up with vouchers
Transportation – drive people to get various resources
Youth Activities – monthly adventures for youth
Birthday Crew – cake delivery, Happy Birthday call, make birthday cards, take them a gift from our gift closet