Newberg has a growing population of people that are homeless.  The mission of the Newberg Community Shelter is to help women and children of our area that are homeless get off the street and out of the elements. Volunteer hosts show the love of Christ to each guest of the shelter.


  • To get people off the street, out of the elements and give them a place to stay overnight
  • To pair individuals with mentors that will guide, restore and resource
  • To offer essential education
  • To provide necessary health care
  • To inspire and give hope to those that choose to serve, and to those that are receiving these services

Local churches, corporations and businesses, civic groups, and individuals in the Newberg area support the shelter.  It takes 225 volunteers to run the shelter each month.

The Newberg Community Shelter will give opportunities for people in Newberg to put feet to their faith. To use their God-given gifts, talents and resources to make a difference in the lives of people that live in our community.

Need Shelter?

The Newberg Community Shelter is open to all women and children in the Newberg area.  Contact Love INC by calling 503-537-3999 for availability or arrive at 215 S. Main St. between 6PM and 8PM.

Volunteer Opportunities

Husband and wife or two women can host in the shelter one night a month.

You and your host partner would have your own bedroom and bathroom on the main floor and all of the shelter guests sleep upstairs in bunk beds.

It is not necessary to stay awake all night and it very easy to serve in this setting.

Host Application

Prepare meals for the women and children in the shelter once a month.
Prepare breakfast bags or sack lunch kits to be used for the women and children in the shelter and drop them off at Love INC.  Click here for instructions.
Prepare liquid laundry soap for the women and children in the shelter.  Drop them off at Northside Community Church or the Love INC during office hours.  Click here for the recipe.
Clean the shelter once a month on Saturday.  Great for home and youth groups.

“I think it was Henry Blackaby who talked about finding where God is already at work, because God is at work everywhere and joining what he is doing.  That is what this experience has been for us; just joining in to a work that God is already obviously involved in.  I love being part of the shelter, it’s a great thing to be a part of.”
Diana Harris, Shelter Host
“For God to bless us with her stepping out and being obedient to Him and His call in our lives.  We think we are going to bless somebody else, right? I think that’s probably why we volunteer, because God has blessed us but in return, expecting nothing back, God blesses us and we had no idea that God would allow us to bless Him. His words work through us. That repercussion of love in the testimonies of the women who stay in the shelter is truly amazing.”
Clyde Zahn, Shelter Host
“The Newberg-Dundee Police Department finds [the shelter] invaluable to our community.  So often, officers come across homeless folks through the course of their duties.  It is heartening to know that there is a viable resource that our officers can refer women and children to, to obtain a good mean and a good night’s sleep before having to face yet another day of uncertainity.”
Chris Bolek, Captain - Patrol Division, Newberg Police Department
“We are just absolutely blessed to be part of what Newberg is doing here.  Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to serve…”
Steve Gilday, Shelter Host