Relational Ministry has really improved my feelings for human kind. I am so grateful.

-Chris Plum, participant

Relational Ministry seeks to address the issues fueling the crisis of people in need.  Through Relational Ministry , Love INC trains and links church members with people in need on a long-term basis.  This includes classes and one-on-one mentoring to help people in the Newberg area who are stuck in the cycle of poverty.  The goals of Relational Ministry are to:

  • Help individuals take positive steps toward increased self-sufficiency
  • Teach and encourage problem-solving skills
  • Develop ongoing relationships
  • Share the love of Christ with an individual or family
  • Grow as Christians through our experiences in helping others
  • Support and equip volunteers

Through Relational Ministry, individuals and families have an opportunity to set goals, learn valuable skills, and be made aware of both church and community resources.  In addition, spiritual and emotional support is shown to all that attend.

Relational Ministry is hosted at Newberg Friends Church from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm every Thursday night.  There are opportunities for everyone to use their gifts, talents and resources to truly make a difference in the lives of people in the Newberg area.

Volunteer Opportunities

Teri-Zahn-and-Lisa-Post-3---edit-WebInvest in a life changing friendship.

You will begin to realize that your new friend isn’t the only one growing and changing through the process.

Each mentor agrees to an ongoing, planned partnership that focuses on helping the client reach specific goals over a designated period. Together they develop a plan and set goals for self-sufficiency and life change. A typical night in Relational Ministry starts with 45 minutes of class, where basic money management and life skills are taught.  Next, clients are paired one on one with their own mentor, who provides a listening ear and a heart of compassion.

Desireable qualities in a mentor

Someone with a real, active relationship with Jesus Christ, Listener, Compassionate, non-judgmental, encourager, loving, accepting, thought-provoking, creative, resourceful, motivational, discerning, reliable, dependable.

Mentor Application


So many of our client’s children just need one person to tell them they are special and loved.  That person could be you!
Our clients are blessed with one night a week to have free childcare and learn valuable life skills through Relational Ministry. We need your help to make sure their children have a great experience at the same time.

How you can help

You would be working with grade school aged children with curriculum written to coincide with their parent’s lessons.  You would play, color, run, and talk with them.  You might find that you are having more fun than the kids!

This is a once a week commitment (every Thursday) from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

Child Care Application